Track Bred EG6 Build… Part 38



While making my way through the pits it was great to find a pit prepared for Jerry Leach. Finally we get to see this build together and driving after being under the knife for almost two years. Even though the car was evolving over time, many thought it had reached its peak but in Jerry’s eyes it was far from complete. On this last rebuild Jerry took things to a completely different level, making this the longest rebuild to date. Based on the direction Jerry took the build, there was much speculation whether it would live up to all that is expected. Many questions surrounded not only the build but how Jerry would handle the new circuit after being away for so long.


Jerry as he took formation on the grid under starter’s orders…



Along with the majority of people on hand, I was completely blown away at the performance the car put down on its first official shakedown. Thinking on the time, effort, dedication and money poured into this build while watching it lap the Bushy Park Racing Circuit; without a doubt it seemed all worth it. The car showed an extremely high level and led Jerry to bring home two first place finishes.


At the end of it, the shakedown showed serious promise of what the car could become with a few adjustments. One of the areas where some tweaking can be done to improve lap times is the suspension; being by it was a rush to have the car finished, no real testing was done to have the suspension set to fully match the circuit’s demands. Unfortunately the car didn’t make it through the entire event due to gearbox failure. Jerry was still using the synchromesh gearbox with a Gear X close ratio kit which he started the initial build with. Not knowing exactly how it would perform there was no immediate need for an upgrade. However, given the power output of the motor it was amazing that it lasted until the end of the day. The plan was to have the car back up and running to do some pre season testing to fully dial in the suspension and familiarize himself with the circuit.


Taking a closer look after the event, Jerry was able to identify the problem. Both 3rd and 4th gear were stripped and he quickly placed an order to have them replaced…


Acquired and ready to be installed…


Along with the gears, Jerry went a step further and purchased the entire synchro set to have them replaced…


Jerry has been having some issues with the starting motor so he picked up a new one the same time…


With that minor update out of the way, it’s time to address the elephant in the room. Jerry has officially decided to put the car up for sale. This may come as a shock to many of you, but both the car and Jerry came to what I believe as the end of a journey. Jerry has been playing around with the idea for some time now, but decided to stick it out and see the project through to completion.

There is no doubt about the fact that Jerry had fun building the car over these last few years, where he was constantly pushing himself to extract more and more from the Civic’s basic chassis layout. Now that the cutting, welding and fabrication has been completed, Jerry finds himself lacking the inspiration to drive that he once had when he first started the project. The passion he had for racing has somehow been substituted for the passion for building the car over time. After driving the car it wasn’t quite what he expected, where as he thought once completed he would want to constantly drive it. The reality is, it was more so finding ways in which to improve on what he has built.

This posed a problem, one which he really didn’t plan for. As the car is bordering on its limit, the best solution to this was to step back and take a break from it all. After the necessary repairs from the event had been sorted, the car was placed in storage for safe keeping until the inspiration for driving returns. While in storage something went off in Jerry’s mind, why have a fully built race car sitting in storage when someone else could be putting it to good use? And just like that he created a for sale post.


I thought it would be a good idea to take a look at some of the major changes the car has been through over the years. By clicking the photos you will be directed to the appropriate posts which the photos are referenced from.



After purchasing the car and adding his own personal touch to the build, this was the result…


Which slowly started to change…



Until the first widebody kit was completed and the car would take on a whole new appearance…



That would change the perception of what a track car should be…


On the interior, Jerry would fabricate a tunnel relocating the exhaust to exit thought the side…


Within this rebuild, Jerry modified the front end to suit his likings…


Shortly after the motor was fired up and everything was set to go racing…



Jerry took the car to the circuit and aside from minor issues which arose, the car was victorious on its debut.



At the close of the season, Jerry somehow wasn’t fully satisfied and pulled the car down completely to shed some weight and improve handling…



Along with the redesigned floor the entire fuel system was changed at this stage…



And the exterior saw a few subtle changes…


As well as the engine bay with the change from ITBs to a very rare plenum setup…




Yet again, Jerry’s return to the circuit was well received and victorious. The car went on to set a record for the fastest time on DOT tires. Bad luck came on his last race of the day when the motor blew.



With the motor blown and the season at a close, Jerry did what Jerry does and pulled the car down to make some changes…



The car would now take a completely different look at both ends resulting in a few extra inches in girth…


A notable change in the body work was also visible, with their one piece design…


An order was made to 4 Piston Racing and a new motor arrived…



Not long after being in his possession, the motor saw a change in the intake setup…



After dealing with the cosmetics, the car returned home where serious structural work began…



Following the surgery, the car would see a colour change…


And the assembly started…



As time progressed, you saw a few more things were added to the bay…


Dyno time, where the car laid down 270whp…



Following a successful dyno session it was time to prepare for the upcoming event…



Which brings us to the current state at which the car sits…

The car has been posted for sale and Jerry has stated serious inquires only and made sure to go over the point that the car doesn’t necessarily need to be sold he just sees it as an opportunity for someone to take advantage of what he has built. The posted price is $65,000 US and all interested parties can reach him via Facebook.

It will be hard to see it go especially since the car was one of the first builds featured on the site. However I fully understand the reason for the sale and even though I might not agree I accept it.

For those who may want a more detailed recap of the build, I’ve provided the link below…

Track Bred EG6 Build…

Thanks for taking a look and I will be sure to keep you guys updated if anything changes with this project. I would also like to thank those who would have provided photos to make this post possible, Jody Forte Ozzman PhotographyMekkaman Films & Images and Rude Bajan .


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