Track Bred EG6 Build… Part 12

A lot has changed between the last update and this one, Jerry took some time to analyze the car’s performance from the last race meet and saw a few areas where he could make some improvements that will hopefully lower his lap times. With the car being 200lbs overweight, the first thing on his agenda was to shed some weight in a serious way. Today we will be taking a look at the initial stages of this process.

For those who are first seeing this post and would like to follow it from the beginning, I have provided the link below…

Track Bred EG6 Build…

Now lets get started with the photos…

I never got a chance to show you guys the redesigned wheel well where it meets the engine mount….

As I mentioned earlier significant amount of work has been done since the last update… As you can see the place is in a mess…

While discussing the possibilities of where the weight would be taken from, and with the floor severely damaged from the last race meet, a decision was made to remove and redesign the floor while at the same time shedding some of the weight.

The madness has started…

The plan is to cut away the floor and and replace it with a series of chromoly pipes which will not only add to the rigidity of the car, but also serve as a base of the new aluminum floor.

A close up of the corners where the aluminum floor will join the rest of the car…

Closer look at some of the welding work that was done…

Some shots of the the back of the car where the pipes are welded in place. Unfortunately, the old fuel setup wont be able to work after these modifications are complete, so a new fuel setup will have to be installed. As progress moves along, I’ll take the time to expand on it.

The man himself doing some work…

Really liked how this shot came out of the welder hard at work, trying to have it all completed as soon as possible…

Along with the plans for the redesigned floor, the roll cage will also see some weight saving modifications, where in some places the pipe will be removed and ran more efficiently.

I’m going to close out today with a random shot of a container filled with misc stuff, thanks for taking a look and be on the lookout for the next update on this build.


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