Speedhunting With JDM Squared…


A morning with Speedhunters and JDM Squared. Famed photo journalist Larry Chen of the Speedhunters team was on our island for a few days to attend the Red Bull Global Rallycross event. Larry and the JDM Squared team met up the Friday night before the event, to give him a taste of our local car culture. Following that, the guys arranged for a sunrise photo shoot on the east coast of the island the Sunday morning before the start of GRC.

A select few builds were specially invited to attend the shoot; some that attended the initial meet on Friday and a few others that were hand picked by the JDM Squared team.

A sunrise shoot would require me having to wake up extremely early if I wanted to make the trip. Being an avid fan of Speedhunters, I didn’t want to miss this great opportunity so I made a special effort to attend. I have a few behind the scenes shots of some of the cars that were present.


Clement made the drive down in his Integra GSR. Regulars to the site may remember this car from a previous post.



Ryan Batson in what would be referred to as one of the cleanest Evolution VII examples on the road…




Sol made sure to have his recently completed A80 Supra present. Those who may be interested in reading about the build, here’s the link


Pro Sales brought out their Matte White Nissan GT-R…


Jade Alleyne’s EK9 Civic Type R sitting on a set of AME Tracer TM-02 wheels…


Kyle Adamson’s Evolution VI on a set of Varrstoen wheels…


Larry and the guys sharing a laugh…


Andre Franklin has one of the cleanest Mazda Familias on the road. Not only does it look the part but if you pay close attention you will notice the front mounted intercooler…


Dwayne Thomas’ Subaru WRX on a set of matte black 18×9 521 XXR wheels…


Based on the colours of both Clement’s and Ryan’s cars, they seem to work well together…



A few more shots of Ryan’s mint Evo VII…



Iconic Japanese machinery…



Another close up of Sol’s Mark IV Supra…


It was kind of a surreal moment seeing these two legends next to each other…


With Speedhunters on hand Sol didn’t want to miss the opportunity to show off his Nissan Skyline BNR34 GT-R V Spec II…



That’s it for today, I hope you guys enjoyed the photos. Those of you who haven’t seen the Speedhunters article as yet, I’ve provided the link below:

Hidden Gems In The Caribbean: Barbados Car Culture

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