Daryl’s Rally K-EG Build… Part 4

Today we’re back with yet another update on Daryl’s Rally K-EG Build. Last time we showed you the new paint job and partial re-assembly of the car. In this post we’ll be bringing you more of the work that was done to get it ready for the start of the season, specifically some shots of the 4 Piston Racing engine sitting in its new home.

As usual, for those who missed out of the previous posts, I’ve included the links below.

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Without wasting any more time, let’s get right into it…

Random shot of the Driveshaft Shop 2.9 axles that will be used…

Griffin full size radiator…

A steering column from an Opel Corsa was sourced to run the electronic power steering. This modification allowed for some extra space in the engine bay, making the car easier to work on when needed. And now, there is no need to check for the power steering fluid level…

Accusump bolted in place on the floor in front the navigator. A little info on the Accusump setup for those who are unaware; it’s storage container that acts as a reservoir of pressurized oil, to be released when there is a drop in the oil pressure. The Accusump is connected to the pressure side of an engine’s oiling system and is charged by the engines own oil pump. On the air side it’s equipped with a pressure gauge and a schrader air valve, which allows you to add a pre-charge of air pressure to the Accusump.

At the time the engine is shut off and the Accusump valve closes, any oil pressure in the Accusump is held there. After the engine is started and the oil pump has taken over, oil is pumped back into the Accusump. This moves the piston back and pressurizes the Accusump until it equalizes with engine’s oil pressure. While driving, if the engine’s oil pressure is interrupted for any reason, the Accusump releases its oil reserve again, keeping the engine lubricated until the engine’s oil pressure comes back to normal. In racing or hard driving conditions, the Accusump will automatically fill and discharge when needed as you corner, accelerate and brake.

For those who maybe interested in finding out some more info can click here.

Hondata K-Pro engine management system…

Another view of the cage work and as you guys can see the doors and fenders still need to be installed…

And now, what you guys been waiting for… some shots of the 4 Piston Racing K-series motor installed…

Close up of the Kinsler 60mm. ITBs  and oil cooler mounted below…

K-series motor mated to the chassis through some Hasport mounts…

That gold firewall really livens up the bay…

Closing out today with a shot of the AiM digital dash display….All systems are a go!!!

Thanks for taking a look and be sure to stay tuned for our next update…

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