Track Bred EG6 Build… Part 4

Today we’re back with another part of Jerry’s Track Bred EG6 Build. Thanks to the guys over at Blueprint Racing for providing us with some photos and a write up on what they got up to throughout the build. Today we’ll get into the other part of the engine build process and show you guys some photos of the car as it starts to take form.

For those of you who missed our first few posts on this project the link is below so you can get up to date.

Track Bred EG6 Build…



Not missing a beat, on with the photos…

All parts disassembled, cleaned (a finial time), and ready for assembly. The threads of all the bolts are coated in Anti-Seize so we get consistent torque figures.

Torco MPZ and a lot of it! We are loose with that stuff… we actually use more than we sell.

What’s missing in this picture?

Lightened and Coated OEM Crankshaft going in for the last time.

Girdle… check!

Block is laid horizontally for piston and rod install. Keeps the rod from flopping around and potentially nicking the perfectly polished journals.

Rod caps removed and bearings installed, awaiting install.




Everything torqued and marked for peace of mind.

BP Head Studs installed.

Got Head?

Sexy exhaust ports.

Rockers… check!

Stage 2+ Cams and a new OEM chain installed.

Cam caps torqued and valves adjusted!

By far one of the best built K20’s that has come out of our shop!! This engine has the works… it’s an 86 x 89 12.34:1 with our stage 3 cylinder head package and stage 2+ camshafts. Almost every option we offer went into this bad boy!!

Thermal coated (inside and out) custom SSR 4-2-1 header, BP Vented Valve Cover, and BP Cam Tower Oiling Mod. Just waiting for the Hybrid TPS Sensor and Chasebay’s CM2 harness and it’s on to rule the circuit.

At an undisclosed location….Jerry was busy putting the peices together once again…

A close up shot of those Enkei RPF1, full wheel specs are: 17×9.5 +18 at the front and 17×9 +25 at the back, all wrapped in Hoosier A6 rubber 245 40 and 225 45 respectively.

Under body spy shot of the ASR subframe brace and 32mm. hollow sway bar. If you look carefully you can catch a glimpse of the Fuction 7 LCAs with spherical bearings and the ITR Calipers rounding up this setup. With a setup like this, there is no doubt that it will be a force to be reckoned with on the track.

How it all came together…. not bad, not bad at all if we might add…

The bay as it awaits the K-Series motor with Hasport mounts in place and a few AN connections. That’s it for today, thanks goes out once again to Blueprint Racing for providing us with some very valuable information on the engine build process and thanks to you for taking a look, until next time…


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