Daryl’s Rally K-EG Build… Part 6

Today’s update on Daryl’s Rally K-EG Build we take a look of some shots of the car during the Valvoline Stage Rally, where Daryl suffered an unfortunate incident when his bonnet blew up damaging his windshield at full pace going through the stage. We also have some video footage so you guys can see exactly what happened.

As usual, for those who missed out of the previous posts, I’ve included the links below.

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On with today’s post…

Shot taken at scrutineering, ready to go…

On full pace!!.. Flat or nothing…

In full flight…

Damn!!… that’s kind of scary, especially after clipping 6th gear…

Such an unfortunate mishap…

Even with the damage he still tried his best to complete as many stages as possible.

However, due to the large amount of stages missed, he wouldn’t be able to officially complete the rally…

The remainder of the windshield was later fully removed…

A close up of the damage the bonnet caused to the roof…

An inside view…

As it sits…

Daryl acquired a new dash for the car but I wasn’t able to grab any photos until now. The dash comes from Galway Carbon, the same company that made the door panel and the foot tray. They sell a wide range of carbon pieces, if any of you are interested you can check out their website.

The man himself, busy making some adjustments in order to get the correct reading for the fuel quantity…

The gearbox has been removed to change the ratios on the 5th and 6th gear….

Tire wall!!!!

Well that’s it for today, I would like to thank Roberto ‘Mekka Man’ Hardie, Geoffrey Bourne, Kevin Wood and Ozzy ‘Ozzman’ Osborne for aiding me with some of the photos which made this post possible. Below I have provided links to their Facebook pages so you can check out some of their work.

Roberto ‘Mekka Man’ Hardie

Geoffrey Bourne

Kevin Wood Photography

Ozzy ‘Ozzman’ Osborne

Thanks for taking a look, stay tuned for the next update…


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