Daryl’s Rally K-EG Build… Part 2

For those of you who missed the first few posts on this build the link is below so you can get up to date. We won’t want to have you at a complete lost as to what’s going on.

Daryl’s Rally K-EG Build…

Now that you’re all updated let’s get on with it…

Today we’re back with what was hidden under the covers from part 1. It’s the new motor that Daryl will be running for the 2013 season; a built K20 from 4 Piston Racing and we have some photos of the engine build as it was being assembled  to share with you guys.

Basically this is a rundown of the engine setup and spec. :

-K20 engine

-Stock bore and stroke

-Wiseco pistons

-13:1 compression

-Carrillo rods

-Stock crank

-ACL bearings

-4 Piston Racing Pro 156 head

  • Slow-cut precision porting by Weld Tech, the people who invented CNC head porting
  • 45 degree valve job designed for long life and durability.
  • Unique power producing exhaust port design.
  • Intake port features a laid out short turn for superior air speed around the valve when compared to conventional tall short turn port designs.
  • Full length bronze manganese valve guide for valve stability.

-Ferrea valves and PSI springs

-Web stage 4 cams

-60mm Kinsler individual throttle bodies

Now on to the pics…

Wiseco pistons with wrist pins and rings, Carrillo connecting rods, stock K20 crankshaft

Web stage 4 cams and Ferrea valves and PSI springs assembly…

A close up of the head port design…

Long block assembly…

Meanwhile over in body work and paint…

Clean and awaiting some fresh paint…

The front end a lot cleaner than when last we saw it…

Interior shot…

Close up of the 4 Piston CNC engraved valve cover…

That’s it for today, be on the look out over the next few days to see what we have in store for guys… We’re going to leave you with a photo of the engine assembled before it was shipped. Here you can see the Kinsler 60mm. individual throttle bodies…


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