K-Swapped EK4 Build… Introduction

I would have previously mentioned that I had some fresh new content for you guys in the upcoming weeks. Today I’ll be bringing you Leon Brome’s K-Swapped EK4 Civic SiR. Interestingly enough Leon never really wanted a Civic, he lusted after the legendary JDM DC2 Integra Type R, but he came up empty handed after doing a search. He then resorted to the circle light GSR version of the Integra but sadly none he came across would be up to his standards. Still bent on purchasing a performance based Honda, Leon grew a fondness for the EK chassis; but with EK9s being extremely rare of which the price tag reflected, Leon’s search continued. Good luck eventually came in the form of a 4 door EK4 Civic SiR, which is what you will be seeing today.

After a few months of owning the car, Leon was faced with numerous issues one after the other. After having to pull apart the gearbox to have it rebuilt, Leon thought he had been through the worst. It wouldn’t be until a few months later that the engine would give out, leaving him in a sea of frustration. Leon bounced back and formulated a plan to rebuild the engine where he would increase both the ccs and compression. As he started to gather parts for the rebuild, he stumbled upon a K20A3 at a reasonable enough price to make him consider going the K Series route. After consulting with a few close friends and paying close attention to Chubz’ Special K project, Leon jumped at the opportunity and purchased the motor.

Leon didn’t quite mind the fact that motor was a K20A3, he saw it as the most cost effective way to get his foot into the K Series world. He already had a plan in mind for the motor to remain stock and over time make a series of changes. Leon’s goals for this project is to have a 250whp daily driven Civic while retaining the basic creature comforts (AC and PS). He also has plans on attending a few drag events and track days at the Bushy Park Racing Circuit.

I have a few shots before the car went off the road…



Nothing crazy happening with the exterior, just a CTR styled front lip…


Shots of the B16A power plant…



While the car was down, Leon sent it to be resprayed in a slightly brighter red…


As the car sat at home awaiting a windshield which was damaged due to a rusted support…


SiR wheels which have seen better times; Leon plans on replacing them and stepping up to a 17 x 8 wheel. A decision on the style still is yet to be made…


The partially stripped interior…


Out with the old; a look at a variety of B Series parts…


Opening the hood, you are greeted with the EK4 chassis tag…


Leon opted to have the bay sprayed a completely different colour to the exterior…


Wanting to be different, he went with a matte gray – slightly darker than the famed battleship gray…


Wanting to be sure to do things the right way, Leon would ditch the EK subframe for the more popular DC2 Integra replacement…


Hasport EKK2 motor mounts…



Leon quickly bolted them into place…


After a short while Leon received his Integra subframe, steering rack and bottom arms to complete the work on the front end before lifting in the motor…


Tucked away in the corner…



Sat the K20A3 motor with the original intake manifold…


On that note, that’s it for today’s post, thanks for taking a look at Leon’s K-Swapped EK4 build. Stay tuned for more to come on this build as it progresses.


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