Schoolboy’s EK4 Build… Part 2


A lot has been going on lately, but today I’m finally able to give you guys an update on Schoolboy’s EK4 Build. In the previous post, I made a visit to the paint shop where the work was being done to check on the progress. Since then Shane has collected the car and started to piece things back together. Today we’ll be taking a look at this process and I have also added some cell phone shots to give you guys a preview of the completed look.


For those who would like to view the previous post, I’ve provided the link below…

Schoolboy’s EK4 Build… Introduction

Schoolboy’s EK4 Build… Part 1


Shortly after Schoolboy collected the car he worked rapidly on getting the interior back together. Once completed, it was then time to start installing the goodies…


NRG boss and quick release being installed, along with the colour matched NRG wheel…


Quick look at the finished product of the wheels, this is just a rough fitting with the suspension still at the height at which he received it from Skunk2…


Schoolboy went with a similar colour to the one on the subframe brace and further extended the gold and green theme to the wheels, of which the green lugs complimented this look perfectly.


Quick snap of the rear showing off the brightly coloured suspension pieces…


While we were there, Chris stopped by to check out the progress and get a glimpse of the final product…


View of the front end as it comes together…

Chris lending a hand with something or the other…


While the guys were busy making some finishing touches to Schoolboy’s car, I took a walk over by Kemar Gaskin better known as Juice to check out his GSR build…



And managed to take a few shots while he was on his way out…



With most of everything done, the guys called it a night. Next on the list would be to properly dial in the suspension and get the car exactly to Schoolboy’s likings. But so far everything seemed to have come out even better than he expected…


Stunting hard… ARC Magic winglets, NRG wheel and STR wheels…


Even though Shane collected the car, the painter told him to bring it back to have it buffed when he was finish with the reassembly…



To remove any particles that may cause the paint to be scratched, the car was washed on arrival…



If you looked closely you would see that Shane made sure and took the time to coil the car down a bit more…



Shortly after the wash, one of the guys began to work on bringing up the shine a bit more…


Close up…


Next up was getting the car aligned and dialing in the camber settings. Shane made the trek over to Auto Solutions to have everything done, because of the height of the car, the bumper needed to be removed in order to make it onto the hoist…



Even with the bumper removed, Shane still needed a few pieces of wood to make it onto the hoist. With that out of the way, they guys went to work on dialing in the settings…

IMG-20141212-WA0115 copy

Schoolboy was quite satisfied with the final product and the customer service. Which brings us to the end of today’s post, thanks for taking a look and be on the lookout for another post to come shortly.


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