Track Bred EG6 Build… Part 34


Today I have a small update on Jerry’s EG6 build. As I would have mentioned before, Jerry plans on using a lexan windscreen, which he finally received and installed. Along with this, Jerry also added few small upgrades to the build.


For those who would like a full recap of this build, I’ve provided the link below…

Track Bred EG6 Build…


One piece front end fitted…


You may be wondering why the front end still has not been painted as yet. Jerry still hasn’t made up his mind on if he will make a few more changes or not.



Lexan windscreen test fitted in place with the kill switch neatly mounted slightly higher this time around as there is no cowl with the new front end…


The steering rack and front hubs were looking a tad run down so a fresh coat of paint was applied…


Random shot of that tail end…


Jerry picked up some -16 hose to run from the oil tank to the breather at the back of the car…


Quick view of inside…



To ensure there aren’t any foreign particles entering the intake and causing serious mechanical failure, Jerry placed an order for an ITG performance filter…



A few more angles to give you guys a better idea of the size…


To the back of the engine, Jerry has most of the lines already ran in their final locations…



In comes some more new goodies, Jerry ditched the old Hardrace UCA setup and went with a lighter, more adjustable alternative from a company called Pro Car Innovations…


It made no sense to Jerry to change the UCA and reuse the old LCA, so naturally they had to go as well. Their replacement came from a company called NRG Tech and these too are lighter and have slightly more adjustability than the previous ones…


Not fully satisfied with the dated rear brake light setup, Jerry opted to replace it with a Cartek LED FiA approved rain light…


Still on the topic of replacements. Jerry scraped the previous plan of cutting down the fuel cell he bought and through some searching found this Aeromotive 6 gallon fuel cell with internal baffle…


Fuel Safe filler hose attached for external refilling of the fuel cell…



-16 hose ran from the Peterson Fluid Systems oil tank to the breather tank at the back of the car…


A look at the fully installed windscreen…


The car finally on the ground with the new 17×10 Enkei RPF1 wheels and Hoosier rubber mounted…


A glimpse of the fitment…



Well that’s it for today’s post, going to leave you guys with a few shots of the APR Performance wing. Thanks for taking a look I hope you enjoyed it.

2 thoughts on “Track Bred EG6 Build… Part 34

  1. Hey could you take a picture when the new front lower control arms are mounted to the existing subframe?
    i would like to see the mounting points.

    nice and extreme build, never seen this before
    nice work!!

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