Absalom’s A31 Build… Part 1


Welcome back to Absalom’s A31 Build. In today’s post we’ll be taking a look at the tear-down process of the motor and give you guys some insight on the plans Chris has for this build.

For those who may want to check out the previous post, I’ve provided a link below…

Absalom’s A31 Build… Introduction



Chilling on jackstands…


If you look closely behind the O.Z Racing wheels…


You will notice that Chris has all-round disc brakes with 4 pot calipers at the front and 2 pot at the rear which came directly from a BNR32 Skyline.



RB20 block that will be sent off to the machine shop to have the cylinders bored 0.5 over…


Chris busy dismantling the head…


Bare and ready to be cleaned…


Safe storage of exhaust and intake hydraulic lifters…


Valve springs and head sitting on the work bench… The next stage for the head will be to have it cleaned followed by a mild port and polish…


Unfortunately the crank was damaged and will no longer be of any use…


Trunk full of usable parts that will be cleaned for the upcoming rebuild…


A full engine rebuild gasket kit…


Accompanied by HKS timing belt and ACL race bearings…

That’s a wrap for today’s post, thanks for taking a look and stay tuned for the next update.

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