Cuzz’s CD4 Lancer Build… Part 4

Today I have a pretty interesting post for you guys, we’ll be getting into the motor setup Cuzz will be going with. I also have a few photos of the engine build process, I hope you guys enjoy.

Below is the link to the previous post for those who may have missed it…

Cuzz’s CD4 Lancer Build… 


Before we get into the parts list…


In the previous post we left off with the body freshly painted, after which Cuzz wasted no time and was anxious to get the suspension back in place…


Hubs and D2 coilovers installed after a fresh coat of paint…


Interior coming together slowly with most of the harness ran and AC components being installed…


Like everything else so far in the build, the transfer has been cleaned up and received a fresh coat of paint…


Of course the drivetrain couldn’t be left out… In terms of the transmission, Cuzz will be using a stock Evolution II gearbox. And to transfer the power from the gearbox to the wheels, the standard axles.

On the topic of setups, lets get into the motor setup:

– 4G63 block

– 4G64 crank

– Wiseco 0.5 oversized pistons

– Manley Performance connecting rods

– OBX lightened pulley kit

– Fluidyne harmonic balancer

– ARP headstuds

– ACL Race Bearings throughout

– ARP bolts throughout

– Mild port and polish

–  Bronze valve guides

– Beehive valve springs

At this point in time Cuzz has not fully made up his mind on what cams or turbo he will be using but he will more than likely go with Kelford and Turbonetics.


Quick snap of the engine build goodies…


Competition Clutch twin plate clutch…


Quick shot of the 4G64 crank…


4G63 block after some paint…


Crank and sump installed..


Progress being made…


Couple shots of the fully assembled bottom end…


Test fitting the clutch…



Gearbox mounted and test fitting in the bay…


One final shot with a manifold and wastegate test fitted to see how it comes together so far. That’s it for today’s post, thanks for taking a look…


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