Sol’s A80 Build… Part 1

To be honest, so far not much has been physically done. Sol and Scott have both been busy trying to come up with the correct selection of parts that will give the desired result they are trying to achieve. Sol was able to decide on the rim and tire package. Today, I will be giving a you guys a quick look at what setup he will be going with.

For those of you who have missed the previous post, I have provided the link below:-

Sol’s A80 Build…. Introduction

New parts!!!

One of the first things on the list to get rid of were the side skirts, and replace them with new factory spec pieces.

The previous wheels were only a temporary solution, therefore ‘the hunt’ was on to find new wheels. While exploring his options, Sol decided he would go with CCW C10 wheels in 18″x 10″ front and 18″ x 11.5″ rear. Trying not to capture to much attention with brightly coloured wheels as is the trend, Sol opted to go with a matte black wheel to keep things as subtle as possible.

For the future power upgrades, traction would be key. This is another reason for the increase in rim size to be able to accommodate the huge 315/30ZR18 Toyo Proxies R888 at the rear. This added grip would be well utilized during those spirited drives.

A more detailed look at the new tires…


I’m going to leave you guys with a parting shot… Thanks for taking a look…


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