Cuzz’s CD4 Lancer Build…Part 2

Today I’m back with a quick update on Cuzz’s CD4 build. Cuzz has made steady progress since the last post. With the car finally on the ground, Cuzz wasted no time and went to work on the reassembly. In addition to this, the car was sent to have some final adjustments made to the rear bumper and also to start work on the custom hood. Cuzz also managed to start laying down some paint in the engine bay.

Below is the link to the previous post for those who may have missed it…

Cuzz’s CD4 Lancer Build… 

With the car off the rotisserie and the front end fully repaired, Cuzz began work on the bay. After battling with the colour choice for months, he finally settled on this custom pearl gray… In no time after the paint dried, the reassembly started… While he was at it the entire underbody was sprayed with the same colour, along with installing the rear diff and suspension… Trailing arms installed with Evo 5 rotors and calipers… Uncovered and sitting patiently as it awaits the final adjustments to be made… Fender to bumper fitment is significantly more precise than it was in the previous posts… You can get a better look at the work that was put into the sideskirts…
Rear bumper still awaiting a few adjustments… Some shots of the cage now welded in place… Gutted interior… In a previous post I would have mentioned that Cuzz had plans of changing the roof. Since then he was successful in doing so… A view of the rear as it starts to take shape… Another area that needed some attention was the corner below the windshield… Varying angles of the diff fitted in place. The next phase will include plating the trunk and making a final decision on the gas tank that will be used… Evolution arms and brake setup along with the D2 coilovers that will be used… This wouldn’t be complete without an underbody shot so you guys can get an idea of lengths in which Cuzz went… Full side shot of how the car sits… Judging by how aggressive the car looks already, it would be interesting to see what colour choice Cuzz goes with…   Sneak peak of the bay… With a bay like this I couldn’t leave you guys without a few shots… Steering rack, subframe and Evolution aluminum bottom arms installed… These shots really don’t do this bay justice…  D2 suspension complete with camber plates…    Closer look at the huge 12″ x 32″ x 4″ quad core intercooler… That’s it for today’s post, I’m going to close out with another close up of the menacing front end… Until next time….


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