Track Bred EG6 Build… Part 10

The Civic finally made its debut at the Bushy Park Race Track, I showed you guys some photos of it in action in the last update. As previously mentioned it was quite a learning experience as Jerry had no idea of how the car would perform, and surprisingly it was way beyond expectations. Throughout the day he had some issues with the wheels rubbing the upper wheel arch, in today’s update you guys will see some shots of the car just after the event and some of the work being done to solve the wheel arch problem.

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Check out the photos…

Interior shots after race day… Could really use a cleaning…

Some of the sponsor stickers…

A major change that was made before race day that I didn’t get a chance to update you guys on is the battery Jerry is currently using. After further research Jerry ditched the Turbo Start 16 volt battery and opted for a lighter unit. Even though he had to use an alternator with this setup, he shed a significant amount of weight, with the battery weighing in at only 3lbs.

A Painless Performance Products switch panel was also added…

A look at the completed fuel setup…

As mentioned before Jerry was having some issues with the wheel rubbing against the upper part of the wheel arch closest to the engine mounts. To solve this problem, a decision was made to cut out and rebuild the arch with provisions to clear the large wheels. In this shot you can see the cutting process has began.

Couple shots of the left side so you can get a better idea of the work that needs to be done.

Full side shot of the left side…


The same thing needed to be done to the right side…

Random shot with the hood opened…

Close up of another sponsor sticker…

Shot of the rear brake and suspension setup…

Oil filter relocated…

Closing out today with two random shots, thanks for taking a look and stay tuned for the next update.


One thought on “Track Bred EG6 Build… Part 10

  1. so sick, been following for a while now, Beast looking EG!

    Wich fuel line is running there vertical up to the cage? Why opted for that route?

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