F.E.R Working So Well… Part II

Picking up where we left off, here is part II…

Shane ‘School Boy’ Miller

No matter what, home will always be home and after being bitten by the tuning bug, chasing after the dream to be the fastest, building a series of Hondas and dumping large sums of money in the hands of popular tuning manufactures, Shane finds himself right back where he first started, with a AE110 20v Corolla. The idea behind building a standout vehicle stems from finding the perfect balance; showcasing various styles while at the same time not going over board.

Cars have always intrigued Shane from an early age, when birthdays and Christmases came around in his eyes it was one of the few acceptable gifts. Being an only child and his father not being a big automotive enthusiast, the passion for the tuning scene was left undisturbed until a later stage in life.

It wasn’t until Shane finally got his driver’s license and his mother’s AE110 Toyota Corolla was passed onto to him that this passion was ignited. Still being a student at the time, like any teen behind the wheel of their own car, life was good. He would follow the path of most newbies fresh in the game, and his first mods would be to lower the car and add an exhaust.

Shortly after he would start to take notice of modified cars around him, which made him want to go faster but being the clean cut guy he is, this would be left dormant for the time. Shane’s focus was directed towards the appearance of his ride, in his opinion “the first thing people will notice is the exterior, and it should reflect the owner, so that’s where I started”. With the exterior looking the part, it was now time to pay attention to that itch called speed and a 4AGE 20v Blacktop swap with a 6 speed gearbox was sourced and dropped into the once fuel efficient Corolla. It was now time to enjoy recently swapped car and in a matter of time Shane created a reputation on the streets as one of the best working 20vs.

Even though at the time Shane was contented, he was still seeking more power and after taking a ride in a friend’s car his mind would be finally made up, and instantly he knew what the next step for him would be. The acceleration, the response, the gearing, it was clear this was the ultimate weapon of choice for the streets. Soon after this Shane would put his Corolla up for sale in anticipation of purchasing a Honda and chasing after the dream to be one of the fastest.

Fast forward a few years, after having chased the dream of being the fastest and being full engrossed in the performance world. Shane found himself at the cross roads, now being more mature and with promising business ventures in play, he wanted something that was comfortable, reliable but still with enough pep to enjoy the spirited drive from time to time. Inspiration can strike from any angle in the automotive world, through current trends or from a number various past experiences. This lead Shane right back where he started, now with more knowledge and experience he was determined to make an even bigger statement, not for the fame, but simply for the passion of doing it.

With time being a major factor, Shane quickly sourced an already converted AE110. He admits it was a bit rough around the edges and needed some serious care and attention but it didn’t matter much because he’d already have a plan. Steering himself away from all things typical, Shane began researching various paint codes, eventually landing on an often-overlooked BMW hue, and with the nod from his F.E.R family, the talented Bandi was enlisted for paint and bodywork duties.

While the car was in surgery, Shane was busy searching the internet for the perfect exhaust, which came in the form of a HKS 4-1 header through to a custom 2.5″ piping ending with a HKS Hi-Power muffler. The engine was now able to take deep breaths of air through the addition of Techno Toys 49mm individual throttles.

At this point everyone was anxious to get the car back on the ground to see how it would look with its new shoes. The 18×8″ +40 R1 wheels were painted in a custom lavender finish which, if everything went to plan would contrast well with the BMW hue. Needless to say the plan worked flawlessly and the colour combination allowed Shane to set himself apart from the rest.

These days you’ll still hear Shane coming before you see him, but for an entirely differently reason, thanks to the crisp clear notes emitting from his fully equipped Power Bass sound system via a Pioneer 6400BT head unit. It’s safe to say that Shane covered all bases with this build.

Shane cares more about what kind of soda he’ll drink two weeks from next Wednesday than what you think about his car. To sum it all up, Shane built this car for his enjoyment and to pay homage to where he came from when he entered the tuning scene.

Future plans at this time are uncertain, pure enjoyment and fulfillment is on Shane’s agenda and it should be for a job well done. Shane would like to thank Bandi, W. Batson, Danny and Corbin’s Garage for their help along the way.

Its quite something to have two enthusiasts who started out so differently but ended up being so similar in the end. You just have to love and show appreciation for the automotive scene where practically almost anything can happen.

2000 Toyota Corolla


Shane Miller


4A-GE 20 valve Blacktop
Techno Toy Tuning 49mm velocity stacks
HKS 4-1 header
Custom 2.5″ exhaust piping with HKS Hi-Power muffler
Samco silicone radiator hoses
6 speed gearbox with 4.5 final drive


Tein S-Tech springs / KYB GR-2 strut
TRD 3 point strut bar
R1 Racing Drift wheels 18×8 +40 1.7″ lip front, 18×8 +40 2.25″ lip rear
Custom lavender paint with polished lips Roadstone 215/35/18 tires


BMW Silver Gray Metallic paint
Black housing headlights & corners
Tom’s grille
AE111 front lip
AE111 side skirts
Colour matched door visors
SE Limited chrome door handles
M3 styled trunk lip


BZ Touring cluster
TRD shift knob
Sparco steering wheel
Pioneer 6400BT deck
PowerBass 6.5″ door speakers
PowerBass 6×9
PowerBass crossover
PowerBass 800watt monoblock amplifier
PowerBass 1200watt 4 channel amplifier

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