Shabba’s AE86 Build…Part 1

Let me first start off by saying Happy New Year to everyone. We hope 2013 brings you all good health and added success, we also hope that all those newly made resolutions make it past January…haha.

For those of you who missed the first post on this build, I have included a link below so you can be up to date with what’s going on.

Shabba’s AE86 Build…Introduction

Today we’ll be picking up where we left off with the Shabba AE86 Build. I know you guys probably were checking for this update for some time now, but truthfully so much has been going on in the automotive world, we’ve been keeping busy. With that said, in the upcoming weeks we are going to have some really good content for you guys to check out.

Shabba is an old school kind of guy so it really wasn’t a surprise to anyone that he was building yet again another AE86, it was really how soon was he going to start. The process has been started and by no means has it been anything short of a high quality build.

The last time we were here we left you with some shots of the car during the strip down phase which revealed that the body was in a pretty rough state. In the next few photos you guys would really see what I mean by that…

As the car sits with everything stripped off including the roof…

Closer view of the roof removed, really showing how much work this body really needs…

Rear quarter panel being prepared for body work…

The remaining rusted trunk area which will have to undergo some surgery…

Shots after the irreparable rusted panels were removed…

Well made progress of the roof and floor after being repaired and painted…

Safety was of grave importance with this build so it was no question about if a roll cage was to be installed.

View of the cage after being welded into place…

Leaving you guys with the shot of the engine bay after being cleaned and primed. Stay tuned for our next update where we will get into the engine and suspension setup Shabba will be using…


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