Leon’s K-Swapped EK4 Build…Part 3

We return today with an update on Leon’s K-swapped EK4 build. Building cars isn’t an easy task, there comes a point when the challenge at hand feels as though it outweighs the end results. If your passion isn’t strong enough you will certainly give up.  We left off with Leon being dead set on a reimagined vision of his car.  In his mind after overcoming the worst, the road ahead should be an easy one. After all how hard could paint be? Leon was in for quite a ride as the ups & downs weren’t over as yet. Finding the motivation to continue is what really separates the strong ones who will carry on to do great things.

In this update we’ll be looking at an in-depth view of the paint phase & the additional challenges to follow thereafter. Suited up for the challenge, Leon pressed on to ensure he fulfilled his dream. With this mindset, he was able to push pass the dark times & got a glimpse of the finish line as the car took a turn for the better.

For those who may want to view this build from the start I’ve provided the links below:

Leon’s K-Swapped EK4 Build…

Leon’s K-Swapped EK4 Build…Part 2 

Having a vision for a build is one thing but the body of a project car really determines the final direction. For starters, having a body shop that produces not only fast but quality work is very important. It is at this stage where many projects begin with high hopes & are often crushed over a slow & unproductive time period…


Fortunately, Leon was able to find a body shop which was more focused on doing a good job over a fast job…



ReWeld’s EP3 Build… Part 1


We’re Back! During the holiday period I chose to use that time wisely & came up with some plans for 2023. The main goal is to bring you guys some more consistent content. Currently there are a few on going projects on the site which I’ll be updating in the coming weeks. In addition to this, there are some new projects which are in the works that I’ll be adding as the year progresses. Where possible I’ll be adding some event coverage between the build updates & I’ll also have some behind the scenes track day content for you guys. The ultimate goal is to bring you guys as much as I possibly can within the automotive scene here in Barbados. Having said that, I look forward to flooding your timelines with some local content. I’ll start off with an update on a project I gave you guys coming on to the ending of last year, ReWeld’s EP3 Civic Type R.

Picking up where we left off, Reudon found himself in quite the fortunate situation. He was able to land his hands on yet another sought after JDM machine & he already had a vision brewing in his mind. Before we get there, I’ll break it down for you.; one of the biggest thrills for him is being able to enjoy these cars by utilizing them from varying perspectives. Firstly, learning the ins & outs of these machines while carrying out his daily duties & also being able to enjoy them at their full capacity which is where the cars deliver maximum satisfaction. One of the biggest driving forces behind owning a Honda for Reudon was the attraction of the K Series motor. This wasn’t solely based from the performance side of things but also the reliability which it maintained while dominating in its field. The journey ahead would be an interesting one,  especially coming from the likes of a turbo car with a huge punch of midrange torque compared to the high revving K series platform. In the back of his mind he was still a bit hesitant on how the EP3 would standup to the test.


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