Sol’s JZX100 Chaser Build… Introduction


Welcome back! I would have mentioned in the last post that I have some new content coming up for you guys & today we’ll be taking a look at the first in this series. No stranger to the site, I bring you guys a new project from within Sol’s garage.

Currently, there is quite a bit of activity going on within his garage in relation to project progression both from the performance & also from the maintenance side. Over the next few months I’ll be bringing you guys a more in-depth look at the progress being made.

Already having a few projects underway, its never too soon to begin a fresh new build. We take a first look at a car he’s had in his possession for quite some time but was actively taking his time on the direction in which he wanted to take it. Often known for being carried away with his builds in the years past, Sol has started to take a more subtle & purposeful approach towards car building in recent times. Straying away from his all out builds, he’s now at a stage where he has a new found appreciation for these machines & the way they perform. With a new found focus in mind, some of his builds will be adjusted to better suit this philosophy while adding a few personal touches.

To start off this new style of building, lets kick it off with his Toyota Chaser JZX100 Tourer V. What better option other than a famed 90’s Japanese classic. These cars have been stirring up quite a buzz in recent years & are rapidly becoming a sought after cult car. Believe it or not, the main idea behind acquiring the car was based around his Mark IV Supra.



Leon’s K-Swapped EK4 Build…Part 3

We return today with an update on Leon’s K-swapped EK4 build. Building cars isn’t an easy task, there comes a point when the challenge at hand feels as though it outweighs the end results. If your passion isn’t strong enough you will certainly give up.  We left off with Leon being dead set on a reimagined vision of his car.  In his mind after overcoming the worst, the road ahead should be an easy one. After all how hard could paint be? Leon was in for quite a ride as the ups & downs weren’t over as yet. Finding the motivation to continue is what really separates the strong ones who will carry on to do great things.

In this update we’ll be looking at an in-depth view of the paint phase & the additional challenges to follow thereafter. Suited up for the challenge, Leon pressed on to ensure he fulfilled his dream. With this mindset, he was able to push pass the dark times & got a glimpse of the finish line as the car took a turn for the better.

For those who may want to view this build from the start I’ve provided the links below:

Leon’s K-Swapped EK4 Build…

Leon’s K-Swapped EK4 Build…Part 2 

Having a vision for a build is one thing but the body of a project car really determines the final direction. For starters, having a body shop that produces not only fast but quality work is very important. It is at this stage where many projects begin with high hopes & are often crushed over a slow & unproductive time period…


Fortunately, Leon was able to find a body shop which was more focused on doing a good job over a fast job…


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