CT9A Drag Build… Part 1


The buzz surrounding this build has been spreading at a rapid rate since the introductory post, both with fellow drag race enthusiasts and racers. Those who would have caught the first post, would already be aware of the time constraints on this build. After the car came back from having the roll cage installed, the guys had to get busy. They worked on trying to get the chassis ready to move forward onto the following phase. Within this update you’ll see the colour that was chosen to be prominent throughout this build. And as promised from the previous post, we will be getting into the details of the engine build.


For those of you who have missed the previous post, I have provided the link below:-

CT9A Drag Build… Introduction


With the roll cage completed, Jimmy didn’t waste anytime getting some paint laid down on the interior…



The roll cage was finished in a metallic purple, while the shell was resprayed in the factory white…


This colour will be used throughout the entire build where possible…



The wilwood calipers were at the top of the list to be refinished in the purple…


Along with the hats on the rotors…


Having a forward facing setup on a build of this nature, you would expect the turbo choice to be the centre piece. However, the Precision 6466 matted to the manifold will be used to dial in the setup and more than likely will be replaced once the car has been put through its shake down phase. Given the estimated power level, the 6466 will run out of breath before achieving the desired goal in mind. Sticking to the theme, the turbo housing was also covered in the signature purple.


The block was sent off to the machinist to have the cylinder walls cleaned up…


Meanwhile, a shipment of goodies arrived…


For the engine build, Robert decided to go with Carrillo connecting rods…


Along with a set of JE pistons…


In the drivetrain department, a twin disc Quarter Master race clutch and flywheel were selected…


One of the great things about this build, is having the advantage of being a purpose built drag car. This means having a fuel system that fully supports the use of E85.


The block was finally back from the machinist…



It was now time for Robert to get to work on the engine build…



Close up of the block with the JE piston and Carrillo rod assembly being installed…


Here is that signature purple once again, this time used on the valve cover…



Corey the head fabricator on this build, as he started some work on the front end…



A few more shots of him welding a plate to the front part of the chassis…


After the sparks cleared up, this is what Corey ended up with…

The team came together with an idea that will not only shed weight on the front end; but also make it extremely easy when working in the engine bay.


And the end result came in the form of a removable tube framed front end…


A mock up of the front end with a dummy motor and gearbox in place….


The bumper fitted over the new front end as the radiator is being test fitted in what will be its new location…


A view of how the Koyo radiator will sit in its new location to the far left of the front end, a ways over from its previously centered location. In case you were wondering, there is no longer a need for headlight provisions within the front end.


Well that’s it for today’s post. Thanks for taking a look, stay tuned for more to come on this build…


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