Track Bred EG6 Build… Part 23

Welcome back to part 23 of the Track Bred EG6 Build. In the last update Jerry was showing significant progress with the new widebody kit. At this point things are moving along at a steady pace based on the scheduled completion date. Today I’ll be showing you some more photos from the design and concept phase of the kit.

For those who would like a full recap of this build, I’ve provided the link below…

Track Bred EG6 Build…

Just the bare essentials… That is the plan Jerry has in mind… He ditched the tail lights and will be only using the mandatory third brake light. I’m not sure if you guys were paying close attention in the previous posts when things were starting to take shape. But Jerry has decided that the back of the car will be one molded piece from the back fender right around to the other. The most advantageous aspect of a design like this is the ease and convenience at which the car can be worked on.

Underside of the front fender in the development process…

It was now time to tweak the design at the front…

A close look at one of the options…



After some review this was the final decision on the front end…



A closer look at the newly designed hood vents…



In converting the front of the car into one piece, Jerry was able to allow the fenders to flow freely into what would have been the front bumper…



Design fully finished and ready to pull a mould from it…


Front end almost complete…




Varying shots of the actual panels used to create the design…



The final shots of the completed mould that was created which would make duplicating the kit if damaged significantly easier…


I hope you guys enjoyed the post, thanks for taking a look. Very shortly I will be giving you guys a look at the other side of this build… The motor Jerry will be using for the upcoming season.


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