K-Swapped EG4 Build… Part 5


Over the last few days I received a few messages about the progress of Verdon’s build. So much so that I got in contact with him to find out for myself what stage the build is at.

There are still a few things that need to be worked out but for the most part, its almost complete. A lot has been going on recently which also played a part in the delay of everything. Today’s update isn’t a big one by any means, just a quick update of the current state of the build.

For those who would have missed out on the build so far, I’ve provided the link below…

K-Swapped EG4 Build…



When I arrived this is what i was greeted with…


How the car currently sits under a few layers of dust…



As you guys can see, some of work has already been started. The Rotrex unit has been bolted up and the belt installed. There was a slight issue with the size intercooler piping to be used and that is one of the current setbacks. And as soon as that is sorted, it’s just a matter of fitting everything together. Following that, the car will make its way to the dyno to have everything dialed in correctly and to make sure everything is working the way it should.


Mishimoto intercooler waiting patiently to be put to good use…


Another angle where you get a glimpse of the Hybrid Racing header…


That’s it for today, I couldn’t go without leaving you guys with a few close ups of the Rotrex supercharger. Thanks for taking a look and it wouldn’t be long until I have another update on this build, so be sure to stay tuned…




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