Daryl’s Rally K-EG Build… Part 5

Today we’re back with yet another update on Daryl’s Rally K-EG Build. Last time we showed you some of the final work that was done to get the car ready for the start of the season, specifically some shots of the 4 Piston Racing engine sitting in its new home. With this update we have some shots of the car fully assembled and thanks to the guys from Rallymaxx Tv, a short in car video of Daryl driving the new setup at the Hammer time event.

As usual, for those who missed out of the previous posts, I’ve included the links below.

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With that out the way, let’s get on with today’s post…

Ready to go…

Finally off those jack stands and on the ground…

As it sits on a set of 15″ Compomotive Wheels…

Front fully assembled, you guys can get an idea of how the car will look…

Sparco Evo 2 Plus seats back in place with Simpson harnesses…

 Carbon fibre door panels are at the front as well…

Trunk closed here is how it looks from the back…

This post would be incomplete if we didn’t include a final shot of the completed bay…

Here is some video footage that was captured at the Hammer Time event, shout out to Rallymaxx Tv once more for doing a good job… Enjoy!!!

That’s all for today’s post… Thanks for taking a look! Look out for our next update.


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