Drag Warz: Final Showdown Coverage…Part 1

Who ran the fastest time on the day?


We have not a clue.

Interesting enough, that wasn’t the most frequently asked question, even though we all have a good idea of who it was.

Speaking on the event, Drag Warz: Final Showdown was the only place to be on Saturday. Well, maybe not, but let’s just say we had a great time and we hope that the B.A.D.D (Barbados Association of Dragsters & Drifters) continue to follow this format of racing.

We were really pleased with the turnout since for the past two events, general attendance has been quite small. Largely because it’s hard to pull a crowd when the known favourites aren’t going to be participating, and even harder to promote an event when there aren’t many entries. Somehow the guys over at the B.A.D.D seemed to get everything right for this one, and not only hyped up the drivers to get them to enter the event, but also managed to get enthusiasts to come out and cheer them on. This event had a record high number of entries and from the looks of the crowd on hand, probably record high attendance.

The day’s competition also saw the likes of cars from B.A.R.L (Barbados Auto Racing League) and from the B.R.C (Barbados Rally Club) making entry list. “Final Showdown” had some really close racing that went down to the wire which always makes for good competition and even better entertainment.

One of the good things about the B.A.D.D is that their events are for the enthusiast, so most of the cars entered are privateer builds that are primarily street driven, of which some may have sponsorship. So if any you are interested in competing at the next B.A.D.D event you can check out their website, where you can register and review the rules etc etc.

Judging from the amount of photos so far, our coverage will be split up into a few parts, probably around 3 or 4. Being as this was their biggest event thus far, between running around in the pits and being on the track it was a bit of a challenge to get shots of all the cars in attendance, due to some guys turning up late. Despite that, we had a lot of fun. It was a great event and at the end of it all we have some good photos to show.

The coverage you will be viewing from today and for part 2 will be shots we took while walking around in the pits during the practice and qualifying sessions. You will see some of the familiar cars back in competition, some of which were vying for the 2012 B.A.D.D Driver Championship, and then some cars making their debut at a Drag Warz event. With that said, onto some photos….

Some of the officials on hand for the day, to control the traffic that goes in and out of the pits. Cooling out under the sponsor tent…

The guys having what we hoped was a friendly exchange of words before the day’s event got underway….

The laptop which is connected to the timing equipment at the start to provide us with not only the times, but also a printout after each race.

You can’t have an event without sponsors. Mothers is another one of the many sponsors of the Drag Warz event.

Had to get a shot of this rugged looking Land Rover which served as a service vehicle to one of the competitors throughout the day.

It’s good to see that after 25+ years, KP61’s are not only still around but also in competition.

On arriving we were able to get a shot of the two Honda Civics of Russell Yearwood and Michael Carter during scrutineering. Both of which went on to win a fair amount of their races.

Danny Croney on arrival with his circuit prepared KP61 Starlet to add to the list of them that took placed in the event.

Go-Pro mounted and ready for the day’s action. These were very popular with some of the competitors.

Even though this EP91 Starlet had no real exterior modifications it still had quite a menacing look to it.

With these M.T slicks mounted, it only added to the EP91’s menacing look. We didn’t get a chance to chat with the driver but traction should have been a walk through the park.

We spotted this EP71 Starlet as it was on its way back to pit. From the looks of things Toyota seemed to have been one of the manufacturers of choice.

Rhett Watson having a chat with one of the pit officials before the event gets underway.

Peugeot 205 rally car which was in for some of the 1/8 mile action.

As subtle as it may looks, this B13 Sentra has a turbocharged SR20 swap.

David Balgobin’s famous K swapped Peugeot 205 GTi.

1JZ swapped Toyota Altezza of Corey Mitchell.

Paul St. Hill who is no stranger to the Drag Warz events and came out with his circuit prepared B12 sunny.

A close-up of the WRC spec wing worn by a competing WRX.

WRX sitting on a set of Gram Light wheels.

Full Line Racing Parts was the sole vendor of performance parts at Drag Warz. They had a wide range of products available on display.

One of the turbo set ups available through Full Line Racing.

B Series turbo manifold for the Honda owners, along with a helmet for anyone who is looking to get serious about motorsport.

Kemar Barrow’s 4G63 powered FWD Mirage.

Another shot of Chris Sargeant’s turbocharged SR20 swapped B13 Sentra as it was rolling through the pits.

Soaking up the pit lane atmosphere.

Custom cages branding inside one of the M powered BMW’s.

M powered BMW driven by Rhett Watson.

Carbon fiber intake feeding all 6 throttles, with an end result of an amazing sound.

Tyrone Martindale’s circuit built Honda CRX had a pit spot right next to a fellow circuit racer Shawn Eversley, with his turbocharged Suzuki Swift GTi.

Random shot of an official as she makes her way around the pit area.

Clifton Pilgrim was one of the two drivers to have a 4G63 powered FWD mirage at Drag Warz.

Another shot of Danny Croney’s circuit built KP61 as it makes it way out to the track.

EP82 Starlet of Neil Armstrong upon his arrival as he makes his way through the pits.

In deep concentration as minor adjustments are made just before hitting the track.

This GSR showed a lot of potential in the 1/8, even though we cant quote the exact times he did.

We thought this was an interesting shot of photographer Jody Forte hard at work.

Newcomer to Drag Warz but no stranger to the Bushy Park Circuit, Justin Campbell brought out his BMW M3, which competes in the B.R.C as well as B.A.R.L events.

Front view of the BMW M3 with its bright orange paint job.

The official starter for the grudge match portion of the event was there to take in some the action before work started.

One of the many Evos that was present at the event, as it was making its way in.

From another angle showing off those bright orange wheels.

Roger Mayers as he was pulling into the pits with his Dodge truck.

Another shot of the Dodge which made for an interesting photo.

Sneak peak of the most improved vehicles in competition. We’ll have more shots of this in the part 2 of our coverage.

We hope you enjoyed the first part of our Drag Warz: Final Showdown coverage. We’ll close out today with this teaser of what’s to come in the next part of our coverage, so stay tuned…


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