Most Wanted Hatch Build… Introduction

I’ve been spending my time seeking after some noteworthy builds within the community and over the next few weeks I will be bringing you guys a first person view of what I have found. Without an overly wordy and drawn out breakdown on the upcoming plans, I will jump right into it.

Jamaal has secretly been a long time fan of Hondas; however, being one of the pioneers in the local Evo world, the stars never aligned for him to follow through with any of his prospective Honda builds. Throughout the years, Jamaal began the process of building several Hondas. Sourcing a variety of chassis and before being able to move forward in any direction, he usually was approached with more than substantial offers for the projects. Needless to say he was reluctant to refuse said offers and to no avail, each time this happened, Jamaal tossed more money into the Evo project to satisfy his urge to modify. Having been through this process a few times, Jamaal put his foot down and he finally made a conscious decision to start a Honda build with a plan in mind to stick it out until completion.

Being very resourceful, it wasn’t long before he acquired a base for his new project which was none other than a EK hatch, one of his most favorable of all Hondas. After owning a Evo for a considerable period of time and having a love for drag racing, Jamaal initially gravitated towards building a AWD Honda, especially with all the advances in development where the conversion is concerned. However, he quickly had to pull himself back and remember what was the main reason for wanting to build a Honda, it was the hype and fun surrounding the all motor scene. With this new focus in mind, Jamaal set out a plan to purchase a stock motor and do a simple K swap in the hatch. As the car would be a dedicated street car capable of daily duty if necessary.

We’ll be taking a look at the shell when Jamaal first got it and some of the work that was necessary before moving forward with the swap.




When Jamaal bought the shell it was involved in an accident on the front right side…


After assessing the damage, Jamaal wasted no time and sourced the necessary parts to begin the repairs…


The front end was torn apart and the right side shock tower and fender arch were replaced. As there will be no need for the EK subframe or engine harness, Jamaal went ahead and removed them along with the fuel and brake lines.



In addition to the shock tower, a new radiator support was fitted to complete the front end…



The shell was then sent off to under go the next phase in development…



A few shots of the shell as the bodywork started to show some progress…


The rear lights and hatch were removed to ensure all hidden signs of rust were addressed before proceeding to the paint stage…




Some shots after the bulk of the exterior bodywork was completed…


At the time of the visit, the engine bay was in the initial stages of having the stone chip applied…


A look at the previously damaged right side with a coat of primer applied and in the process of being shaved…


Meanwhile on the interior…




The bodywork was completed and a coat of blue was applied…



A closer view of the right and left side rear panels…


What was once a problem area by the tailgate has now been resolved…


The hood sanded and ready to be primed…


Making some good progress with the hood and fenders primed and ready to receive some paint…


The final stages of bodywork being completed on the right side of the shell…




With the bodywork completed the shell was sanded and masked for the first stages of primer to be laid…



After searching through several colour pallets Jamaal was finally able to make a decision for the exterior of the hatch…


Seeker version 2 spoiler was what Jamaal opted to go with to mix things a bit away from the typical CTR or Spoon duckbill appearance that is ever popular…



One of the first swap related items to arrive was a K series type S gearbox…


Jamaal wanted to ensure the driveline was well put together from the beginning so he placed an order with Insane Shafts for some 500hp axles…



With hopes to race the car from time to time on the 1/8 mile strip, Jamaal was adamant that he started with a quality clutch from the get go. He invested in a super single disc Competition Clutch assembly which was inclusive of a flywheel…



On a mission to keep things simple Jamaal went with a Karcepts shifter plate…


Blox S2000 master cylinder and spacer along with a braided clutch line…



Closing out today’s post with the Hasport EKK2 swap mounts Jamaal picked up…


Thanks for taking a first look at Most Wanted Civic build, be on the lookout for more on this build.


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