Street Kingz: DC2-K Build… Introduction



I’ve been extremely busy with my day job the past few months and as a result, the site has unfortunately been put on the back burner. Those of you who follow the site would have noticed the lack of updates. Believe me when I say content is the least of the issue, it has just been difficult to find the time to post. Things have calmed down a bit so hopefully in the upcoming weeks I will have some regular updates.

A while ago I brought you guys an inside look at one of the cars from Street Kingz, today I’m bringing you another project from the group, Meagus’ DC2 Integra GSR. Meagus has been around the car scene for quite some time owning numerous vehicles from selective manufacturers. However, his biggest achievements wouldn’t come until he made the switch over to Honda. Where he would go on to be the first FWD car in the 11 sec. bracket in the 1/4 mile with a time of 11.9 secs @ 123mph at his first event. That time was achieved in the same DC2 Integra I’m bringing you guys today; which previously had a turbocharged B18c motor that made 478whp @ 24psi on the dyno.

The car developed an issue which resulted in the motor starving for oil; and following this Meagus took a break from the scene and the car sat for a while. During this period Meagus was caught up in the hype happening within the all motor league and got the urge to be part of the scene once again. Soon after he purchased a 4 door EK with a B18c swap. It wasn’t long before Meagus started to acquire key pieces to the puzzle of his next build, with familiar faces around. On its debut at the 1/8 mile B.A.D.D event, Meagus piloted the car a 8.96 secs @ 82mph run making it the first B Series to drop into 8 sec. bracket.

After having so much fun with the Civic, Meagus was starting to miss driving around the Integra; this was exactly the type of inspiration needed for him to finally get a move on with the Integra build. A decision was made to part ways with the Civic and devote all focus on to the Integra. With all the hype as of recent surrounding the all motor league coupled with always wanting to do a K swap, the direction in which he would take the Integra was simple.

In the planning stage Meagus was adamant about a few things where the swap was concerned. Comfort would be placed at the top of the list, as it will remain a street car. The car must be easy to drive, retain the full interior and most importantly AC and PS.

Now you guys have some history behind both the car and the man, let’s move forward with some photos…




A few shots of how the car sat in its earlier years, shortly after Meagus purchased it…



Couple shots at the B.A.D.D Thicketts Thriller 1/4 mile event…


24.5″ M & H Racemaster and O.Z Racing Crono Evo wheel combo…


The EK sedan that led to the build I’m bringing you guys…




The car sat in hibernation awaiting its next step…



For a really long time…



AEM big brake kit with slotted and drilled rotors which saw better days…



As it sat on jack stands slight progress was made…



USDM front end looking fresh again… Mishimoto intercooler still mounted long after the motor was removed…





A few more shots of the shell which still remains in very good condition…


That’s it for today’s post, thanks for taking a look and I hope you guys enjoyed a first look at Meagus’ DC2 build. I also want to thank JDM Squared for the photos; stay tuned for more on this project…


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