K-Swapped EG4 Build… Part 3

A feeling of satisfaction… That’s exactly the state of mind Verdon is in right now. With the EG practically completed at the moment, his goal has been met. From our last update, Verdon has since gotten the car tuned and also added a few goodies to the car, from the performance aspect as well as aesthetics and comfort. We both thought it would be a good idea with the car completed to go out and take a few shots for you guys. Today we’ll be taking a look at the new upgrades Verdon has made plus some random exterior shots that were taken. I hope you guys enjoy….

For those who would have missed the build or want to do some reading on the build, I’ve provided the link below to the build…

K-Swapped EG4 Build…


The most notable change to the interior is the addition of these red reclinable bucket seats…

After driving around for a bit, Verdon realized the stock brakes were a joke when it came to containing the power of the K20A engine and opted to go with a Wilwood upgrade.

In the process of refining the interior, he ditched the steering wheel and replace it with a deep corn counterpart with red stitching to match with the new Momo floor mats.



Being very particular and going with the overall theme of the car, Verdon also picked up a new shift knob…

I hope you guys enjoyed the photos, that’s it for today’s post. More than likely this will not be the last you see of Verdon’s ride as he already has some ideas he is toying around with in his head. Thanks for taking a look…


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