JDM² Presents “Fresh”…2013.04.29

This weekend the guys over at JDMSquared present their first meet for the year to be held at Sky Mall titled “Fresh”. If you support JDMSquared, then I’m sure you guys will already make the effort to come out but if you’ve never heard of them, why not come and hang out? You’ve got nothing to lose and you might even have a good time, right? The flyer with information on the event is below. Everything you need to know is on it and if you still want more information, I’ve provided a link to the Facebook event page as well. The event is free as it’s a meet, just in case there is any confusion. It’s not a car show or anything, just a gathering of car people here to hang out and have a good time.

Lots of activities, entertainment, promos, prizes and giveaways.

Here’s a link to their Facebook event page with the latest information…

Fresh Facebook Event Page… 


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